Who We Are

We are group of highly talented and very strong academic background professionals. We were once students like you who suffered similar problems in conducting research, finding appropriate help, struggling to get started and we found our supervisors and academic staff hardly of any use. After a lot of struggle and hard work most of us got a distinction in Masters from Glasgow University, Glasgow Caledonian University, Leads Metropolitan University and University College London. Some of us are actually perusing for a PhD degree therefore you can imagine we’re a very talented pool of resources. We strive to provide academic help in the most friendly and casual manner and tailoring almost everything to address your individual needs.

Our aim is to provide you with maximum academic support and making your student life a little more comfortable and less stressful in little budget.

Why Choosing us:

There are number of reasons why you should choose us for your academic writing needs over other providing similar services.

  • We’re entrepreneurs and young professionals and building up career in what we love
  • We are not multimillion company and will not rip you off with the prices, we provide excellent quality of work in the most economical prices
  • It has not been decades when we were in your shoes (in fact some PhD fellows are still in your shoes :P) therefore we know what are the concerns of a student and we’ll make sure that all the concerns and challenges are addressed effectively and efficiently
  • We’re not a multimillion company working for number of years but we will deliver you the quality over and above such companies are providing, because we don’t do this to print money, we do it because we love doing it.
  • And above all we’re honest people we’ll not fool you with showing you strawberry and delivering you peanuts. We’re professional in approach and will not fool you with any fake guarantees.

Grades Guaranteed?

This is probably the BIGGEST SCAM EVER from student by companies. Almost every “professional” company today has put a guarantee on their website homepage that you’ll get guaranteed A grade, and innocent students feel prey of such “Big font” guarantees and fail to read the “Small font Cleverly Crafted” terms and conditions. Where actually all the companies have stated that they’ll only ensure that the quality is up to the mark and no grades are guaranteed, and thus do not initiate any refunds. (For reference please go through this article in Guardian.

We’re very honest and straight forward in this regard. WE WILL NOT GUARANTEE ANY “A” GRADES, and will not charge you twice the money on base of a false claim. Because we believe that this is completely impossible to guarantee any grades as the grading criteria of Harvard University will be entirely different from a normal college in south of London.

Example from the self acclaimed “UK’s Biggest writing agency”. Following are the two screen shots from their website on 28th May 2013

Industry Leading Guarantees UK Essays

Guaranteeing Grades on main webpage

Deep down in the term and condition http://www.ukessays.com/terms.php

Deep down in the term and condition