How to write proposal for dissertation or research

How to write proposal for dissertation researchProposal must be well complied and well planned and must be written with the necessary sections including title page, abstract, introduction, problem statement or main objective of the proposal writing, methodology, scope, limitation, research timeline and appendices if any. These sections are very important in proposal writing and should be clearly differentiated and highlighted. The length of proposal depends upon the purpose and level of research, the proposal of undergraduate study would be significantly shorter compared to the PhD research proposal. In introduction section, you must clearly represent the background and purpose of research and proposals. In the second point, give maximum attention on statement of problem or need for proposal writing. It indicates the situations which you want to change and it must be supported with the evidence drawn by using your experience. Then objectives, methods and evaluation in proposal writing are much important. You must list your objective concisely and clearly and never confuse your objective with your methods presented. You can strengthen your evaluation section after you include examples, surveys, questionnaire, instruments in data collections, forms of data analysis, and the other evaluation methodologies to best demonstrate the credibility of your evolution section (Jeremy T. Miner, and Lynn E. Miner, 1998).

Best Techniques to Write a Winning Proposal

A well worded and structured proposal can award a big starting point for the research and work as a foundation stone. Some students take proposal writing for guarantied and doesn’t pay much attention to the document which cause them a lot of problems later on the research process. Following are some of the points which can help in developing a well-structured and sound proposal:

  • In proposal writing, executive summary or abstract must be well concise and powerful because it reflects the overall objective of your proposal. When you start writing executive summery be sure that the readers know nothing about the proposed area.
  • You must create a proposal that must overemphasise the consulting process and methodologies.
  • The proposal writer must be creative with their presented ideas and must broad the ideas which are presented in this writing.
  • You must always think about the quality than the quantity of the proposal writing. Make sure that the word limits are observers carefully and everything should be summarised within the word count. You’d have to write down only the most important aspects of the research.
  • When writing a proposal always be focus on your audience by describing the qualification by focusing on the needs of the proposal.
  • Be well aware about best practices and always be accurate, compiled and stick with the main objective of your proposal writing (Michael W. McLaughlin, 2005).


How to Structure Proposal Writing

In structuring proposals, start with executive summary with clear summary of your main objectives why you are writing this proposal. In the second point of proposal structure, write well defined statement of the purpose or issue of the problem. At third point, clearly indicate the statement of goals or objectives for which you are writing the proposal. Description of the activities in the fourth step indicate the activities that will happen during the project with the provision of quantities and then writing list of resources in the fifth step. If it’s a paid project then you’ve to clearly present the budget, monitoring approach and systems, background of the proposed institution or group and the entire support commitments (Robert Baldwin, Shellee Korn, John Rock & John Rule, 2002, pp. 11-12). The proposal should finally include a timeline for research broken-down into various stages so that the reader and evaluator should understand how long will the research will take to complete.


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