How to conduct research for effective Essay & Report writing

How to conduct research for effective essay and research writingConducting Research in Essay Writing

When you do research work in writing essays, you can do different techniques to achieve the satisfactory results. The first important point in conducting research work is based on the selection of your essay topic or formation of hypothesis for your selected research work. After you have made the selection of your research topic then you can do the proper research work about your selected topic. You can find out information that is lacking in your information in order to promote your argument. The researchers must devote the essential time to find out resources according to your research work. The researcher can critically read the research articles according to your selected topic. You must highlight, take the notes, and you must write the abstracts for the articles which you read. In the next step, researchers must interpret and analyse the readings. The other important steps in essay writing includes debating and evaluating arguments, composing your main arguments, organising your essay and after doing your editing work you can write the final drafts of your essay (Mr. Hagin, 2005, pp. 277-285).

Conducting Research in Report Writing

In conducting research work in report writing, the writers must work according to proper setup of tasks with clearly analysing the task which is assigned to them. The writers much understand expectation from the report. It must clearly indicate the analysis or persuading or reporting on a given assignment. You must be clearly aware about the potential audience along with your word limit and setting up the topic of the report. In the second step of report writing, you must develop a rough plan for your report writing. The writer must write a clearly defined statement with which overall purpose of the report must be identified. In the third step, the writer must do the proper research work on your particularly selected topic. It’s highgly recommended to make a list of objectives you want to achieve and refer back to the list every now and then. Then the writer must develop the draft of the report including introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussions, conclusion and then recommendations. Then after drafting the supplementary material, you can polish and develop the final draft to make sure your report is developed according to your initial guideline (Helene Hipp, 2005, pp. 1-4).

Read Critically in Essay and Report Writing

Every writer must engage critically with their researched resources to meet the demands of conducting research work on essay and reports writing. You must read purposefully and read actively to gather the necessary knowledge to meet your writing needs. For active reader, we suggest those writers who read the literature carefully and make the good assessment of their claims which are made by the author, they identify the probes of the author assumptions and they determine how they are related to their arguments on their essay or report writing. An active reader is someone who keep an open minded and healthy skepticism and he identifies the key debates and issues. The reader can make the glossary of terminology, annotate the texts by noting queries, uncertainties, challenges and examine the author’s different viewpoints and then relate them with their essay or report writing.  These writers actively do the note-taking with their concentration on reading, gathering the necessary information and then evaluating it, and then they critically evaluate the theory on the basis of cultural, racial, social, religious, gender, ethnic, historical and political perspectives (Dr. Gail Craswell and Dr. Stephen Milnes, 2005, pp. 14-16).


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