How to write an Essay


The structure of an essay should be much easier and writer must make it clear how he/she is going to answer the questions raised. The ideas presented in essay writing should be very clear and interrelated to each other. Essay should make the reader involved and consider your answer as very logical and progressive. In successful essay writing, writer must organise all the necessary information in different paragraphs.

Model of Essay Structure

Every successful and well-organised essay must be structured on three main points including introduction part, argument/ main body part and the conclusion part of the essay.


Introduction has to be written in a very clear and interesting tone in order it should also increase the interests of the essay reader. You must sketch the overall scene of the essay artistically by explaining how you have interpreted the questions raised in the essay. Introduction must clearly define and explain the key terms used in the essay along with brief outline of the issues you are going to explore in front of readers. The introduction part of the essay is usually comprise of roughly 25% of entire essay word count.

Main Body

The argument or main body of the essay is presented in different paragraphs. Writer must introduce the main idea for which the essay is written; by developing examples, quotations, details, and even references. All the paragraphs in the essays should be interlinked and the preceding paragraph should end with a link to what’s discussed in the next paragraph. This will make a flow and continuity throughout the essay. The main body of the essay is the heart of the essay and should have the main emphasis. The raised question for the essay should be answered with proper justification, answer and reference within the main body. The main body roughly comprise of 45% of the entire essay length.


The conclusion is the summarised form of the main themes and general conclusions is stated. In conclusion, never introduce new materials and try to sum up already discussed arguments in a very brief and interrelated manner. It always helpful and thus recommended to include further suggestion for the research and how it can be further improved with necessary recommendations that have been presented in the essay (Vivien Perutz, pp. 4-5).

Essay Writing Techniques

First of all, you must organize your paper properly and then start writing after you have drawn a clear outline of your essay. When you have drawn an outline, you will be able to prepare an argument to give the best answers of raised questions in the paper. You must categorise the information that you have collected into some general issues or themes that you want to present in front of audience. Then after refining the categories of the essay, distinguishing between main arguments along with supporting evidence and the secondary arguments, you can start focusing on the other parts of the essay. Then you must start quoting primary sources or secondary sources as per requirements. Footnoting is another important technique in essay writing that must be cared and proper footnotes or endnotes should be continuously kept through the research and writing process. These notes will indicate the information used in the body of the paper with best citation of the related standards prescribed by your institutions. Footnotes or endnotes should not be taken from few selected sources, it’s highly recommended to include reference from number of sources. After revising and editing, you can conclude the essay with concluding remarks and presenting your entire findings and the research objectives in summarised form (University of Ottawa, 1998, pp. 11-17).

In essay writing, planning and structures of the relevant themes is much more important and they should be clearly defined. You must always present ideas in a very logical and interesting way when writing on selected topic and keeping to the point and show the factual information as much as possible. You must show the significance of your research and same should be clearly communicated to the reader. Entire essay should be in a proper academic style; starting up with the introduction, presenting the main body and answering all the raised question and finally concluding the research findings at the end (Dave Mooney, 1997, pp. 16-17).


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