Planning your work

In planning to write essays and reports, you must be able to handle multiple sources of information. Writers must prepare their notes throughout the research process and research should be conducted and systematic and with proper planning before the initiation of writing. You must find out any gaps or shortcomings during your research process and if you unable to find information on particular factor, try finding using alternative source of information. Effective writing cannot be achieved unless you’re 100% sure what to write and how to write. And the best way to write a comprehensive report is to first understand the topic completely before writing. In essay, questions are asked about how to discuss, compare and contrast the domain of relevance. You must properly analyse the questions and then find out the relevant materials that can be used in answering those questions. Every successful writer must do proper research work in finding out the relevant data about the necessary information required that will meet your arguments presented (Julie C. Rutkowska, 1997, pp. 5).

Once you’ve researched and gathered all the required information that’s vital for your understanding of the topic, then is the stage to plan the structure of report or essay. The structure should be in a flow and merely looking at the structure/table of contents the reader should understand what he will achieve after reading the entire report or essay. Each heading or paragraph should start up with the most important line, linking with the previous heading or article. Similarly the last line should make a conclusion of content discussed in the heading or paragraph along with link to the next paragraph. This will make a systematic flow of the content throughout the report or essay until the writer conclude entire research in the conclusion section.


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