Effectiveness of training programs in achieving customers and their satisfactions in Malaysian Airlines

Executive Summary Training is the significant part of the modern organization and has become the vital part of the working process within the organizations. With the changes in the technology and their advancement, the organization of the training programs has become vital part for every enterprise in the airline industry, in order to remain competitive […]

E-Marketing and E-Commerce In Tourism

Introduction Inside the tourism business tourism destination is a critical and important component of the tourism system where most of importance and dynamic elements of tourism occur (Cooper, 2008). Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) plays a significant part in the tourism expansion and marketing of the area. Subsequently in the late 19th century and for maximum […]

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Relationship between Health practices, Care & Outcomes for Older Adults

In the USA, the growing ageing of a vast population creates major challenges to healthcare systems in view of the fact that the number of weak older people suffering from various chronic health illnesses rises (Christensen et al, 2009). The failure to identify health ailments amongst ageing population might create needless requirements and might endanger […]

Interpersonal Violence: Social Harm or Crime?

From research, it is evident that more than one million individuals become the target of violence. The impact of violence can be shattering and devastating and thus, the victim may experience depression, anxiety, hopelessness. Interpersonal violence is considered to be that type of violence, in which the abuser has total command and control over the […]

Development of Nationalism in East and Southeast Asia

Nationalism is an expression, which is used to define and identify a particular group of people on basis of a mutual political standards and belief. That is, politics is the binding factor, which binds the individuals of the same nation.  In terms of East and Southeast Asia, critics assert that nationalism is the process that […]

Pedestrian Rights

George was late for his appointment with his girlfriend at Centre Point Shopping Centre. He was driving recklessly at eighty kilometers per hour along Orchard Road when he was supposed to be driving at sixty kilometers per hour. He did not notice that the traffic lights had turned red for him to stop. He drove […]

Advantages and disadvantages of Sole trader

 A sole trader business is one of the company business structures acceptable all over the world. It is considered to be the simplest and cheapest form of business structure that anyone can start. In most, sole trader Business Company is often done through the name of the trader or proprietor. In this case, Abraham being […]

Euthanasia – Moral justification and ethical acceptability

Euthanasia and whether it is morally justified and hence ethically acceptable The term euthanasia is used differently by most people. Personally, I use it to include all forms of assisted suicide. The question for most people is whether euthanasia can be morally justified. Many people consider this practice to be against all ethics. This is […]

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Motorolla managing cross-cultural interface in China

Effective management of the cross-cultural interface is a critical source of competitive advantage for a multinational firm.  Using suitable theories, analyze why an understanding of the cross-cultural interface was important for Motorola’s success in China. The Chinese people’s culture had to be understood in order for Motorola to succeed in China. Planning was essential to […]

Motorola Staffing Approach in China

Evaluate Motorola’s staffing approach for senior management in implementing their strategy in China? Many companies investing in china experience problems especially when it came to employing new workers. Motorola being one of the multinationals operating in the Asian country despite the success in earlier years had to face numerous challenges concerning staffing. It is an […]