Tipping Point

Behind every obstacle there lies a possibility. This was Gladwell’s assertion. There is that significant moment when a new trend significantly and suddenly takes a dramatic change. Gladwell considers this factor to be the tipping point. Copy cat effect in school shooting in the United States is a good example of a tipping point.  The […]

Making Coalitions to oppose an aggressive State

Inter regional coalitions between states is becoming common today as away of boasting matters of national interests like economy, security and trade and other emerging issues such as terrorism. According to Acharya, the shape of world politics and architecture is built around the regional alliances. The regional alliances are demonstrates how various regions around the […]

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Kaizen & Importance-Performance Matrix at Toyota

How the Traditional Approach is different from the Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) approach found in modern TQM philosophy Standardized work as well as KAIZEN would be the means through which people help to make the Toyota Manufacturing System function. People are probably the most important component of the whole system. With no support of everybody involved, not the main system works. […]

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Total Quality Management – Philosophy and Effectiveness

Critically discuss what a total Quality Management philosophy is. Discuss how this philosophy can be used to increase quality and efficiency and reduce costs. Total Quality Administration (TQM) is definitely an approach which seeks to enhance quality as well as performance that will meet or even exceed client expectations. This is often achieved through integrating just […]

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Personal Statement

Since my childhood, English has been my passion. In recent years, the language has evolved from being a complex into an obsession. Although I have a Masters in English Literature, I still find myself being challenged to learn the language and attain qualification from different institutions. One of my main goals is to get certification […]

Amyloid plaques in the brain

Amyloid is a medical term that refers to fibrous proteins that are insoluble. They are made up of polypeptides and proteins that are folded. Polypeptides occur naturally in the human body system. The folded protein structures modify the correct configuration making them interact with other cell mechanism resulting to fibrils that are insoluble. Fibrils are […]