Personal Statement

Since my childhood, English has been my passion. In recent years, the language has evolved from being a complex into an obsession. Although I have a Masters in English Literature, I still find myself being challenged to learn the language and attain qualification from different institutions. One of my main goals is to get certification from an internationally recognized institution in the United Kingdom. My passion for English has led me to teach the language at different academic levels. As I was teaching English in a Pakistan high school, I learnt that teaching is one of the best ways to learn. The methodology applied in the high school teaching was majorly focused on Grammar translation. Here, students were being assessed with regards to how efficient they were in learning texts and observing grammatical rules. In the course of teaching English, I realized that the best way through which this language can be learnt is through activity based learning and direct methodology.  In a bid to improve my skills in English, I have developed interest in English literature and films. I have a passion for the history of this language and this has led me to realizing a lot of information with regards to the development of English (Vyas)

The University of Manchester is the perfect institution where I am to attain my goals. The institution is well equipped to enable any student studying English- at any level – to achieve success in their studies. The English language is taught in the University for a period of 12 months and there is a scholarships option for the course. Through the sponsorship program, students are able to benefit in different ways. The scholarship program provides the students with tuition fee assistance as well as maintenance fee. The English program being offered by the institution specializes in the historic and synchronic linguistics of English. These are important in the pursuit of the goals that I have set with regards to attaining professionalism in English. The course is divided into 15 sections – credits – which deal extensively with English as a discipline. There are different extensive research methods in the course of the study that enable the learner to effectively learn the language. There are optional study units which when combined to the core course units total 60 credits. These are important with regards to the specialization in linguistics. There is a dissertation within the course that is made up of 60 credits. For me, the manner in which the course has been set – by the institution – is nothing less of perfection. Through the different units, I am assured that I will be able to not only achieve success in my learning, but also achieve success in my teaching roles (Vyas)

The course on offer at the University of Manchester is important in addressing the different challenges that exist within my home environment. Most of the people in my country are reluctant in learning English as a second language due to a number of reasons. For this reason, a chance at the University would go along way into improving the English skills for an entire community. Learning English at the University of Manchester will open ways through which my community will able to not realize the national and regional goals, but also get exposed to the various international goals (Vyas)