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The use of technology in business and managerial solutions has led to the simplification of a lot of day to day processes. Right from recruitment to training these days we have everything running on technology and this has helped in the effective utilization of resources. E – Recruitment is a popular and upcoming recruitment procedure or tool that is adopted by various companies in selecting their workforce and inviting a larger pool of applicants. This cost effective method of recruitment does not only reduce the costs but also speeds up the entire process and helps in creating and establishing a coordination between IT management and Human Resource for better productivity.

Introduction to E-Recruitment

Where recruitment is the process of inviting applicants to apply for a particular position in the company and then short listing them for the final selection process, E – Recruitment is the same process done with the help of technology to attract and recruit candidates for the same job. This type of recruitment is new but has been a sensation from the beginning due to its efficiency in saving valuable resources like time, money and efforts.

As more and more companies have revolutionized their processes, the Human Resource Department has also undergone major changes and is now more adaptive to current trends and market practices. Researchers have proved that most people these days look for jobs online and even prefer applying online since the process takes less time and very little paper work is involved. The employers find it easy too, to go through the applications that come to them through web portals and websites that are created for varied purposes. In fact websites these days play a major role in the employment and recruitment process since a company’s official website is the first interaction that the applicant has with the company while they apply for a particular job. Internet has now developed as a very useful mechanism in the recruitment strategy by attracting potential job applicants.

E – Recruitment strategy is now common because of a lot of advantages. Especially while making long term graduate recruitment, where a lot of applicants are expected and invited by the company, e – recruitment has a major role to play. They can be understood by throwing light on the following features of e – recruitment:-

Features of E – recruitment

Cost effectiveness due to e – recruitment

E recruitment cuts down the cost of the entire process by saving a lot of time, paper and money that ultimately culminates into the increase in the overall cost of recruitment.

Enlarging the pool of applicants to select from

Since applications for the jobs are made online, it is easier for the candidates to apply and thus a large pool of applications and applicant data can be generated that can be used for further references.

Reducing the processing time for recruitment

The use of information technology and internet make it easier and faster for the process to begin and end with productive results, good amount of data and improved statistics.

Preferred by candidates due to being tech-savvy

Since technology is today a part and parcel of everyone’s life, this mode of applying for the job is preferred by both the candidate and by the employer.

Corporate brand building

Human psychology responds more to technical, visual and innovative systems and hence using a e – recruitment process will help the employers in building a solid and positive brand image of the company. This too is helpful in the long run since employer branding is crucial in attracting and retaining good quality workforce.

For many other reasons, such as easy visibility by the employers, faster and quicker response to the applications, most applicants and prospective employees prefer using online process for applying and communication with the employers and the interviewers. However, contrary to this, online recruitment is still not the first choice but the second that is put in order while finalizing a recruitment campaign in design.

Functions of e – recruitment

There are certain specific functions that are underlined only for the e – recruiters and cannot be undertaken as effectively as managed by e – recruitment. These functions are specialized as they involve the maximum use of information technology and internet access to reach out to a mass number of people and attract them towards a great employment option as provided by the company. These functions can be described as follows:-

Used to advertise and inform people of vacancies

It is through the process of e – recruitment that people get to know about the large number of vacancies that are released by an organization. Applications are invited through websites, web portals and these day even social media is used to the best of its advantages to help the company generate a large pool of applicants that can be used for current and future needs of the company.

To communicate effectively with applications

The use of e – recruitment is done also to communicate and correspond effectively and regularly with the applicants for the job and with this, great help can be taken from tools like e – mailing, mass mailing, dealing and answering enquiries, accepting online submission of application forms filled online by the applicants etc. Also it can be used to send out notifications of interview and important information to all or selected candidates.

Online tests for selection of candidates

Companies that previously opted for a paper test today go for the online tests that are designed especially for the applicants. They are easy to monitor and evaluate and also draw results that might help in the selection of potential candidates.

Employer Branding

E – recruitment also helps in employer branding by creating a visibly strong impact on the applicants. This brand image helps the company and the employer in attracting and retaining good quality potential work force that can be a great asset to the company leading to higher productivity and profits.

To get better results from the process of e – recruitment we need to focus on the tools that are driving factors of e – recruitment process. The tools of e – recruitment process may be described as below:-

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Social Media and networking
  • Internet

The role of websites and internet in e – recruitment

The world of marketing and advertising has moved gradually to cover internet media and tools that can be used to turn around the business and this has made it truly necessary for company and owners to develop a great website that is catchy and provides a lot of traffic to these companies. These websites are nothing but a platform by which the prospective customers get to know more about the company, the products and other important information. Website designs are created and built keeping in mind the company’s mission, vision and values that make a great difference in the way the brand image is portrayed.

For this very purpose websites are supposed to be attractive and compelling. These days you get professional website developers that take care of all aspects of developing and designing your website and make it ready to be used for viewing by the customers. Website designing is a whole new science that involves the knowledge of a lot of stuff that includes, designs, themes, computer graphics, developing web contents, posting php links and a lot more. You need a highly creative and talented website designer to provide you with the website designs. These website designs are laced with user interface and search engine optimization features that makes your website design stand alone in the market.

These days almost all companies have their own website that is laced with all possible features and technical gadgets that makes it easy for the customers to browse and navigate through the website and then get whatever information they are looking for. All this can be contributed to the excellent website designs that are used by the developers. The effectiveness of website designs can be concluded from the fact that great website designs increase the amount of traffic that is generated by these websites. The more the traffic for these websites is, the higher are your chances of getting prospective customers turn into customers. Website designs are thus an important marketing media tool that is gaining momentum in the modern marketing media world. These websites help primarily in creating a solid employer brand that will help the company in not only attracting customers but also by attracting and retaining a good quality of work force as explained above.

The role of social media and networking

Social media and networking modes are not only a means by which people can interact and communicate but also share professional information on how to search for jobs, post vacancies and let others know about various positions available in companies to apply. Thus their role in enhancing the power of e – recruitment is undeniable and cannot be substituted. These days social media like facebook, twitter, Linked In etc have developed and emerged as social platforms for recruitment and selection processes helping both the employers and the employees.

Now that the role of e – recruitment tools is pretty clear, it is time to draw conclusions on the basis of the advantages and disadvantages of e – recruitment policy and determining whether it is in favor or against the growth of the company

Advantages of e – recruitment

  1. Reduces the recruitment costs
  2. Speeds up the process of recruitment
  3. Streamlines departmental goals with organizational goals
  4. Establishes effective coordination of IT and HR
  5. Generates a large pool of applicants for future reference too
  6. Helps you in identifying the qualities of applicants and sorting them accordingly
  7. Helps in advertising internal as well as external vacancies to a large number of people
  8. Reinforces the image of the employer with strong and positive employer branding
  9. Offers higher accessibility and a chance to apply to interested and prospective applicants
  10. Creates a tech – savvy organizational culture
  11. Acts as a cost effective way to build a talent bank
  12. Helps in organizing a volume of applications through proper sorting and arrangement.
  13. Helps with HR functions of job description and job specification
  14. Helps in formulating a great and effective attraction and retention strategy

The long list of advantages of e – recruitment that are not possible with the traditional mode of recruitment as was followed till now by the companies gives us good reasons for why companies should pursue the online recruitment method. However, before a decision is made, it is important to consider draw backs and limitations that also mark the way in the smooth processing of online recruitment strategy. They are as follows:-

Disadvantages of e – recruitment

  1. Internet might be the first choice for the applicants due to its easy accessibility and mode of applying however it is not the first choice of the recruiters in selecting and going through a humungous pool of applicants.
  2. Sorting becomes difficult as sometimes people with insufficient qualities or unsuitable for a job description applying for a job that is undesirable as per their qualities.
  3. Online recruitment might at times backfire in context of the employer branding perspective in case the website is  not designed accordingly or the web portals are difficult to figure out making it difficult for the applicants to apply for the job.
  4. This does not work if the website of your company does not get enough traffic and audience with search engine hits and you SEO content is too low for greater productivity and visibility.


If planned properly and executed as per the planning, the e – recruitment has a lot of potential to be unleashed that can be used for better and improved recruitment process than the ones followed now. Focus on e – recruitment tools and upgrading them constantly can help a company tap a better pool of work force that can become an asset to the company and the management. The facets of e – recruitments are still unfolding and hence it is important that we work on them more to get the best out of technology.

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