Effectively choosing a Post-Graduate Program


 It is a research about how students choose their postgraduate program. What questions comes in their mind and how they answer them. What made them choose the selected program? How an introvert or extrovert person takes decision and what is the psychology of students what are their interests? What aspect a financial position can make while taking individual’s decision? Where do students like to study at home or at their universities campus? All answers to the above questions made up the decision of a willing student. In this research I selected three persons and analysed how they took their decision and why? How a psychology and attitude of a person deferrers and effect his or her selection of education as well as career. What aspects effect one’s decision for selecting a study program? Factors which affect a student while he is deciding to chose a post graduation program. 


Captious thinking, reading and writing are the pillars of Postgraduate study, managerial work and continuing professional development. While it is censorious in other parts of our life, most of us find it hard to judge scholars, teachers and maybe other proficient at our workplace or university. It is necessary to understand what we need in our self to do postgraduate study first of all we must understand the difference between undergraduate and postgraduate studies, we must understand the importance of critical thinking and apply those thinking to our studies and work find high quality information for academic study. We must analyze and evaluate oral and written materials. Justify original arguments as well as develop them and apply techniques to improve writing skills. (By Gillian Watson and Stefaine C Reissner).

Next step we must select a good study program which is of our interest so we do it up to our best. The main questions which come in our mind while choosing a study plan are;

  • What are our interests, what we like to do?
  • Will we be able to pay the tuition fee?
  • What are the entry requirements for the selected study pals?
  • How much duration will that study program will take?
  • What is the program reputation?
  • How much time will it take us to reach from our home or work place to study place?
  • How it will help us in our professional life?

All these questions add up we get the answers and we select a study program accordingly. Secondly our person characteristics lead us to choose us postgraduate education. Like a person who is good in communication will always chose a study plan related to business or law. A person who is more of a introvert will chose to study computers or mathematics and caring people wants to be a doctor or nurse. Creative people always select studies as music and all other subjects of arts. Genders also matters girls are more creative and caring, but boys are more extrovert but they still take higher level of interest in computer sciences and mathematics.

Description of decision matrix

The above decision matrix includes the choices of different postgraduate programs which are offered by different universities. It includes there time of completion as well as the proposed tuition fee. Selected programs are of two years. Some of universities offer same programs with a less proposed fee which makes students to decide easily and they chose according to their finances. At time of postgraduate education students are self-financed so tuition fee matters more than anything while deciding. Every program has its own entry requirements a person who has done his graduation in medical subjects cannot go for business administration for post-graduation universities has a criteria of studies background which students can apply for and which cannot. Each and every study program has its own unique reputation in society but it depends on a student state of mind how he conceives that. For medical education everyone in this world knows it is highly effective and well paid profession but maybe a student will not rank it high because of his lack of interest. Social values also count. Level of interest is the main reason why students chose a particular program. No one in this world can study a subject when they have no interest in it or doesn’t like to do it. Even if the university is near to their house and offer affordable fee. Distance of university from home or workplace helps students to choose universities and even subjects because in this fast life no one has enough time to waste travelling most of students prefer online learning or distance learning because they are engaged in jobs and other problems. In this table all of the above items are written and this has been shows to three individual to rank them when they decide to select a program.

Conclusion by Ranking

As above three individual are chosen randomly and by viewing their ranking on each criteria, we can get an idea of their future decision and interest. First person William’s rankings shows his great interest towards Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Public Administration and a little bit interest in Masters in Computers Sciences also. His overall rating based on decision matrix for MBA is 405; by his collective ratings we can forecast the result that he will select MBA for his postgraduate studies.

Second individual was Kate who has chosen Masters of Science in Nursing program and her rankings shows a little bit interest in Masters in Sciences also. Her overall ranking for MSN is 375, but she prefers the fee structure of MSC. By her rankings we can see she has interests in both of programs but maybe because of fee structure she will carry on with MSC rather than doing MSN and become a Nurse. Consumer behavior theory applies here on her as people buy things which they can afford easily and level of satisfaction also remain higher. (By Angus Deaton and John Munellbauer)

Third person Sophia’s ratings shows that she likes to do Masters in Fine Arts or Masters in Public Administration. Her overall rating for each criteria show highest in MFA which is 290. By seeing the Decision matrix we can conclude that she faces no issues towards fee structure of both programs and she can fulfill the requirements also. As far as her idea of program reputation in market she has rated MFA higher than MPA. Her level of interest is effectively higher in MFA and she shows a very less interest in MPA. As for distance she is more likely to go to university for MFA it’s near to her work place as well as home but MPA institution is comparatively far. So as by her ranking we can conclude a decision that she will choose MFA for her postgraduate education.

Analysis of Choices

William the first candidate has selected MBA for his postgraduate education.  MBA requires a person who is excellent in administration, communication, forecasting, computing, who is a good leader as well as an excellent manager. And do not face difficulties when he communicates with strangers. Who has good communication skills and can convey his message easily to convenes others to what he offers.(V.Srinivasan, Dick R. Writtink and Bruce N. Zweig. April 1981).  William has all the qualities to be a Business Administration as he can read the psychology of other person also.

As we can see by the ranking Kate has chosen for selecting department of medical sciences one must be good in communication an extrovert can perform this function easily and innovatively, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, knowledge about profession, the candidate is sensitive enough to understand other’s feelings and emotions, he or she can motivate others to achieve their goals, personal management skills also counts. While achieving this characteristics sex also counts males and females are different in thinking as females are good in understanding the feelings of others and male has good knowledge about the profession. (Peter Conlon, Kent Hecker and Susan Sabatini).

Second individual Sophia has chosen MFA. The term Fine arts was first introduced in 1767, as a traditional French term beaux arts. It is referred to beauty and decoration. There are so many other aspects of fine arts which we cannot write in detail write now.

The study program selections vary in age, sex, financial situation the idea of outcome of our selected subjects and career. (A Woodcock, P White, H Smith, et al Oct 2000).  Some students cannot study regularly they want to do a full time job so they prefer an easier way of studies now we have e learning, distance learning universities. Individuals who are self financed are more willing to select distance as well as economical studies which they can afford easily.

If we look back into history many have come to believe that leadership and management is a masculine activity. They can motivate and influence others easily. But now women are even better in leadership they can easily run a business or countries their decision power maybe less but they can influence people effectively. (Christine R. Gedney, Major, USAF April 1990)


First person of this research William decided to do MBA. He was able to pay fee and with his interests and knowledge and a good personality helped him out in his studies. As by his behavioral studies he will be a good business administrator. Kate took admission in MSC because she was not able to pay fee of MSN she couldn’t afford it. She had certain level of interest in sciences of no matter what she chose her level of interest stays the same but because of financial issues she decided not to go for nursing.

 Sophia did MFA she is highly creative and very sharp in her studies. Her level of interest and creativity helped her out in future.

Factors affecting the decision

There are some basic and unavoidable factors which has affected the decision of students while he or she is about to choose a program.

       I.            Income

Most important is the financial position of a willing student because many of us have the brain but no have enough money to pay our tuition fee and to meet other expenses. It is a problem which can never be avoided some universities scholarship for students also but it is offered to minimum students. So even if a individual take high level of interest in medical he will end up doing some other education just because he cannot afford the fee of required studies.(by Ross Finnie and Richard E. Mueller, july2008).

    II.            Location of university

Studies on human behavior shows that distance from university to residential area also place a impact on decision while choosing subjects and selecting universities. A student who is willing to do engineering but that university is far away from his or her home or work place which makes it harder for them to reach on time, they will get admission in a university near to their house even if that is a art university. Now most of universities are offering E learning but still it is easy to go to campus and study regularly. Decisions are made by students after keeping a view on location of a university. (Stefan Denzler and Stefan C. Wolter, May2011)

 III.            Personality

An individual’s behavior and attitude towards world also effect the selection of studies and profession as I have wrote above. Some of willing students might select subjects which don’t match their psychology but in future they face difficulties to cope with them even if they do so in academic area, they never get able to perform well in their professional life. So it is a vital reason why many of people are not successful in their life because they fail to manage their time and life they never get happy of what they are doing and they have told to do so. A person who is careless can never be a doctor and should never study medical. A creative person will find it too hard to do the same thing daily they will find medical boring. The students will get afraid of choosing the subjects which don’t match their personality. (Christine Rogerson and Elsje Scott)

 IV.            Gender

Females are basically creative and they have art in their blood they like to choose subjects which are highly creative which keep them to maintain their feminine touch most of female will take higher level of interest in fashion designing, fine arts, interior decoration, literature and all other subjects which they develop interest in. they can be good nurses also as they are caring and understanding. On the other hand males are good leaders, administrator as their decision making power is naturally better than female they also take higher level of interest in engineering. (Barbara Bailey 2003)

    V.            Family situation

Family situations play a vital role in deciding what to choose. Student from a stable family are more active in their studies and they can focus on every subject without facing any problem. But those who come from a background of single parent family, they face some issues in focusing and their personality is not built properly. They feel leftover they have so much to think about they can’t concentrate on studies so they try to choose easy subjects.

 VI.            Society/ ethnicity

Society plays a vital role when one is selecting his or her subjects. Even if a person is able to pay the expense of required education, university is also at door step, his or her state of mind also matches the criteria but that person will never chose those subjects if they have no values in society. People choose some of the subjects just because of the social values or because of the reputation of certain subject in locality.

VII.            Outcome of education

Almost everyone in this entire universe take post graduate education to increase their earnings. The outcome of education, affect an individual’s decision to choose subjects. Many people who are already enrolled in some subjects they might never had chosen them if they knew the outcome is not up to mark even after having lots of interest. Programs which have a lot to offer after having  (Giuseppe Migali and Ian Walker, 8 July, 2011).

VIII.            Family and relationships

Family and relationships are the main reason many of students select one subject and reject the other. Because at time of higher education a person attain an age when he or she has many responsibilities. It is in itself a biggest task to give time to studies and family without ignoring anything.  A person who is married and who has responsibilities of children will choose easier subjects so he can manage his studies with personal life. (Susan Edward, 2011)


In this research of three students we can see that people chose subjects according to their personality they hardly go for the things they have no interest in. Income and society also add up effects in their decision. Most of the students just let go of a program because they cannot afford that as in my research Kate was never able to do MSN as she couldn’t afford it. Future earnings after completing the post graduation education are one of the reason students select them, which urge them to study and invest money on their education. Gender and family situations make the differences. Time management can also be an issue. Location of university matters when a student decides about enrolment  Reputation of university and worth of its degree also counts. At the time of post graduation students have to manage their personal life with studies their work and family put an impact on their decision. Consumer behavior theory always applies students find alternative programs or universities which they can afford easily. A university which offers a lower level of tuition fee has uncountable students enrolled.