International Management: Tata Case Study

Introduction Tata is a multinational company that is run by Ratan Tata. The company has embarked in a concerted effort that has seen it gain control of different industries in takeovers and buyouts. Although the company’s revenue base has substantially grown and its profits have considerably increased, there are still a number of unresolved areas […]

Monopolistic Competition versus Monopoly

Introduction Wonk, a company in the Northwest, has bought up constituents of the potato chip market and has conglomerated them into one unit. The group of companies prior to the merger was individual competitors in a market dealing with the same products. However, after being bought by two lawyers, the environment is bound to change […]

Securing network components

Abstract The objective of this paper is to provide information regarding the network that can be established within an organization. This will also help us in judging the functionalities of different components that are necessary for networking. At the last we will see what security threats each component can create and how should we minimize […]

Resource & talent management – Oracle

Introduction Few decades ago, it was hard to find people with suitable career credentials due to lack of certain factors like communication, talent knowing and talent expression were supressed. To overcome such deficiencies, assessment centres were built. Assessment Centre is an institution where talent of an individual is tested in several different ways so that […]

International Brand Expansion

Introduction At the heart of an international operation of any company is the company’s product strategy. There are various factors that companies intend to consider ranging from understanding how to handle different facets of the international business environment to issues such as how to assess potential markets, how to enter those markets, and the challenge […]

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Disease and Migration

Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the role that diseases played in migration. The discussion will be based on three authors: namely William McNeill, Sheldon Watts and Mary Dobson. There is a case in history that has been analyzed in great detail by Hernan Cortes. He was a war hero and who had very […]

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Leading Transformation and Change – Alkimia Consulting case study

Introduction This assignment is based on the critical analysis of the organisational change which the researcher has personally experienced. The main themes which has covered in this assignment includes why the change was attempted within the organisation which also helps to understand that why there was a need for change. The researcher has also explained […]

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Effectively choosing a Post-Graduate Program

 Abstract  It is a research about how students choose their postgraduate program. What questions comes in their mind and how they answer them. What made them choose the selected program? How an introvert or extrovert person takes decision and what is the psychology of students what are their interests? What aspect a financial position can […]

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Human Resource Management & challenges today

Abstract The following paper talks about the Human Resources Department which is the essential element of every organization. It also talks about the various challenges that are being faced by Human Resource Management in order to provide an insight about the growing challenges in the industry including both internal and external challenges with proper examples […]

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Critical analysis of Corporate Veil in Australia

Abstract This paper critically analysis the concept of the corporate veil. Reference is made to cases and legislation relating to the lifting of the veil. Corporate veil is one of the fundamental aspects in discussion of corporate law id forms an integral part of body corporate and their regulations thereof. A particular emphasis is put […]