Project management for relocation


The managing director of the company asked to plan a project that will assist the relocation of the business. I have to prepare an initial report about the list of the projects needed for the relocation of the business from London to the Banbury, Oxfordshire. Being an office manager it is my responsibility to first prepare the project proposal that will represent the every detail and objective of the project. As the basic aim of the relocation is to reduce of the costs, the managing director also has asked to keep the current business objectives in consideration when planning a project for relocation of the (Great Britain., & Great Britain, 2010).

We are a worldwide consultancy company that provides the services for business areas especially the business management. This specific type of business can be done by sitting at home so it doesn’t require a larger work place which means that a lot of cost can be reduced by establish a small work place and the cost associated with the larger workplace would also be avoided. That includes expenses of employees to come to workplace. Utility cost of the workplace itself and many other costs are involved in it. As Andrew (1987) has rightly mentioned that having concreted reasons to relocate is necessary for determining whether the business requirement can be solved by making this change However, for the relocation project we have to create a small team that can assist me in this project, but we have already very limited team persons in our company. I have to focus if all the team members would run the company’s processes then who will assist me. In another case, if for instance, 3 people will assist me then maybe it will affect the business operation and its speed. Our managing director asked to create a team from the people we have in our company, means no hiring and recruitment process would be used to employ more people (Topchik, G. S, 2007).

I will select five people to assist me in project, but I also have to consider the influence of excluding a half of the team on overall performance of the company. I will try to finish the project as soon as possible, but however, it will take time and using all five employees for long time may negatively affect the company’s performance while our managing director has asked to improve services and grow income with other improvements as well. I am manager of the company, my presence and administration is also necessary to run and keep eye on every task of the company and project. The situation is quite tough that’s why I have to use the strong ethical and decided project management strategies.  Being a manager, it is necessary to start with the one person projects, because in other case, my managerial ship will only rely on the performance of the people in my team. It means I have to work vitally and majorly rather than using so many people in this project.  As the actual work is done by the people in team of project, it needs much effort to get the positive response from team (Lewis, J. P, 1998).

I selected 5 people because the relocation needs much effort and therefore it is necessary to have a good team of hard working people. It was decided for the rest of the employees specially the consultants to stay at home at work so our company’s operation wouldn’t be stopped.

Retain the business capacity

It has been asked by the managing director to maintain the business capacity as we are relocating our business. It is necessary to pay proper attention on maintaining the business speed, regulation over all operation. So another objective that is to retain the business capacity is a manageable task and can be done by not compromising on the number of clients we used to handle instead maintain the records of our previous clients and encourage them to continue using our services instead of any other consulting business even after the shift in workplace by offering them special offers and schemes. If five out of ten people will assist me in project of relocating, then there would be a double burden on the rest of the employees working in a company to manage and cover all operational activities in the company even in the absence of the manager. The relocation is necessary to reduce the cost of services and organizational operations, but if it is possible to suggest our clients to wait for a few days because we are in the relocating process. Although reducing the size of the workplace does not mean that you compromise on the number of customers you handle. We have to adopt the strategy that can help us in maintaining the same organizational operations we are up to with. We have to at least be able to handle the customers we used to before and look for additional customers to, with specific attention to be paid on records of our client base.

I have decided to suggest the rest of the team members to pay double attention on the overall operation in the absence of the other employees engaged in relocating process. The consultants will work from home and remaining will handle the other marketing and other professional campaigns.

Improvement is consultancy services

Another objective of CEO calls for improving our support and customer satisfaction facilities that means that we have employees serving the customers 24/7 and someone should be there all the time to help in solving the queries of customer anytime they have a problem. We are in relocation process, if it is possible to handle and improve the consultancy services and stay available for serving clients? Our support facilities should be such that nobody thinks that they were neglected or their problem was not given attention instead they prefer us over other consultants because we value their decisions and support them on their queries.

Improvement is IT system of the company

The objective to improve our IT service includes conveying expedient access to informative content so representatives can settle on robust business choices is a test practically all SMBS face. Arranges that are abate, regularly down, or unsecured don’t permit representatives to move rapidly, which could bring about lost chances and incomes. SMBS today need to furnish workers working out of inn rooms, hangar lounges, remote extensions, and home business settings with anyplace access to informative data. Without it, portable and telecommuters lose important time. More terrible, bargains faculty might have antiquated client qualified information or miss critical messages advising them of a discriminating business matter. An Internet Protocol (IP) system interfaces remote and versatile laborers to a SMBS discriminating requisitions, for example client relationship administration and deals energy computerization devices, as well as message, texting, and different devices. A unified IP system supplies simple access to provision information and can underpin voice and movie provisions, as well. A virtual private system result makes remote and portable access secure.

Human resource costs

The last of the objectives include Government regulations commanding larger amounts of client or understanding security is a different continuous test for associations of all sizes. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (Hipaa) of 1996, for example, secured institutionalized systems for the electronic trade, security, and privacy of human services information. Without strong and visit cooperation around representatives, exceptional thoughts expire and chances are missed. The effect: Valuable specialists, baffled by the operational inefficiencies that come about because of unfortunate coordinated effort, might get debilitated and withdraw for different occupations. But, how does a SMB advance a luxuriously community environment at what time numerous workers work remotely or on the go? An IP system with reconciled voice, film, information, and remote conveyances conveys intuitive calendaring, Web-based videoconferencing, IP telephony, and different instruments that cultivate joint effort. Understanding into income chances, we start by submerging ourselves in your conglomeration’s business, inspecting your courses of action and information. We investigate verifiable, current and wanted business volume, utilizing compelling exclusive factual models to handle a target rate of return (Roi). We then propose updates intended to handle both brisk scores and enduring changes.

Enhance income drills. We aid you in bringing about Ideas income administration best practices in your present surroundings while fusing either manual or computerized apparatuses to enlarge determining, estimating and other nexus competencies. We control you through the procedure of measuring your nonstop income exhibition as a standard best practice. Establish maintainable capacities. We unfold and fine-tune income exhibition proficiencies over the conglomeration and make completely computerized results, when proper, to guarantee a practical playing point. Thoughts Consulting advances results that exist together in your present surroundings growing and improving your conglomerations’ income exhibition society. We have realized that we need not serve all clients similarly well-numerous clients are so immoderate it would be impossible work with and have small potential to get productive, even in the enduring. While associations might need to treat all clients with unrivaled administration, we find it is not commonsense or productive to meet (and absolutely not to surpass) all clients’ desires. Further–and most likely more shocking to quality devotees by and large it is attractive for a firm to distance or even “fire” at any rate some of its clients. While quality backers may be annoyed by the idea of serving any client in less than the best conceivable route, much of the time both the association and its clients acquire better worth.

Methodology of the Project

Project plan and schedule

The process of  relocation project management to the new premises will involve  the  strategic planning for documentation  management, asset disposal, packaging and unpacking , communication and computers set up, and miscellaneous technical and administrative supports.

A methodical planning shall be carried out to outline the tasks that need to be completed . The project manner will work in collaboration with the selected team from the early stages of planning till the completion of actual relocation. The devised plan shall entail the resources ; Manforce and physical and the estimated timeframe for the phased deliveries.  The activities shall be carried out in such way so as to minimize the cost and risks involved.  It is important to take time to make a decision because the whole relocation process from the beginning to the end of the start-up in new location is unlikely to be complete in less than a year for a small business, while the relocation of a large organization could take more than five years (Haines,1970).

To carry out the process a team will be assembled to achieve a successful relocation. The team will be divided into three main categories; The project Manager, Office Coordinators and The Employees. The proper allocation of tasks will ensure a smooth transaction of the process despite of the overlaying natures of various tasks. As suggested by C.C. Perrucci, R. Perrucci, D. Targ and H.R. (1988), Working through the move with local leaders takes time but can pay off in helping make the move a smooth one

Role Definition for the Project Manager:

Job Based Skills:

The Project manager shall be overall responsible for supervising the business operation. The Project manager shall be the in charge of all the activities and his Primary responsibilities include: strategic planning, organizational design, and succession planning. In addition to the above mentioned responsibilities the manager shall be required to undertake additional tasks and duties and shall function as a facilitator  to provide guidance to the other members of the teams

The project manager will ensure:

Collaboration of all the staff at all the points during the relocation

Identify and notify the impact of the intended changes

Carry out periodical meetings with the Project Sponsor and Stakeholders, suppliers, external service providers to secure acceptance and approval for the project deliverables

Set the deadlines and key Dates and milestones for the phased deliveries of all the tasks.

 Maintain progress report for the developments in the process

Identify the time duration for the transition of each phase

Prepare alternative plans for the process

Explore new opportunities for business and growth in the new premises

Personal Attributes:

Quick, decisive and communicative and has strong influencing skills

Ability to understand and collaborate with different stakeholder requirements, including senior management teams.

Excellent knowledge of organization policy frameworks, technical environments, management structures .

Must display good analytical skills and be competent in risk management and quick thinking.

Must possess Leadership qualities to monitor and manage the  teams.

Detailed Project Plan:

. The initial report has successfully identified the operational IT-related elements to be addressed.  It is eminent to maintain the viability of the business intact while translating the specific requirements of the business for growth and expansion. The plan is devised so as to enable the office  relocation and HR Manangement and mobile employees to gain more strategic business gains for the firm. The plan provides a comprehensive framework to  address the critical aspects of time and resources to manage the workforce mobility in an efficient manner. According to M.E. Porter (1998),this ongoing process leads to the need to change what and how the organization operates.

Planning process

Planning relocation requires considerable efforts and  a detailed structured management approach . Timeframe and implementation plan for the entire process are highlighted below:

Defining the deadlines:

Our lease on the new premises commences from Monday 29 July. The office must have relocated  by the Friday 30 August. It is crucial to note that the current lease is expiring on the same date, hence actions must be taken to vacate and clear the current premises by this date. The estimated time  by the IT contractor to install and set up the computer systems  is 5 working days.

Allocation of Tasks to be done :

It requires contribution and collaboration of all the team members to help identify the tasks and allocate the responsibilities to handle the general and administrative tasks.  McDomald and Huckfeldt, (1988) have also made it very  clear that consultation and coordination are essential at every stage.

The tasks are divided amongst the three tiered  team.

Project Manager:

As a project manager I Shall be responsible to manage the day to day tasks involved in effective planning for relocation. I will integrate and delegate the responsibilities with the office coordinators , as this job requires collaboration and cooperation. I shall allocate the office administrative staff with specific categories and hence they shall be responsible for the respective tasks. A handout with the detailed timeline, relocation plan and definition of their particular roles and responsibilities shall be made available for all the team members. As the overall charge of the project I Shall devise a

Time frame for relocation activities

Evaluate the relocation proposal

Cost evaluation report

Determine miles stones and key dates for the various activities and estimate the time required to complete the particular tasks.

Administrative Staff:

As I have delegated the responsibility to the office administration, they are expected to deliver within the area of the responsibilities while maintaining an overall integrity of the process. As a coordinator you are responsible for:

Understand your role in the process and execute the tasks as required.

Represent the realistic  ideas and feasibility to ensure a smooth move.

Assist your project manager

Coordinate activities with the employees and report to the project manager

Stay update about the developments in the process


There is a little scope for the employee contribution to the location process in our case. Most of our employees connect remotely and deliver their consultancy from their homes. The office has a small team which is purely administrative in nature. The administration will be fully engaged in relocation while maintaining coordination with the consultants, They will be providing extensive technical and management support to keep the functions of the business intact . It will be our priority to maintain the steady process which not  impact the performance of the consultants during the process.

The relocation is a daunting task which if not carried out effectively can affect the core business. It requires a careful coordination amongst the company’s staff, and the activities planned to ensure transition into the new premises feasible.

Analysis and discussion

Risks Assessment:

During the course of the action there are many expected or unexpected events that may affect our strategy towards relocation. These unfavorable events arising from the unexpected risk elements can be and unexpected risks may occur

  • The unpredictable costs
  • The failure to set up the equipment
  • Troubles with installing communication and data cables
  • The unexpected damage/loss to the inventory
  • The inconvenience faced by the insurance companies
  • The unpredictable delays and postponements in the process

We have devised alternate strategies to cater to these factors and minimize their impact on the whole process. Our strategy is to carry out task simultaneously hence these are overlapping which gives us an edge over time management and also we are thoroughly prepared to meet any cost that arises of situation beyond our knowledge. Our budget has a flexibility to absorb these costs.

Assessing the Project Plan:

Every individual project has unique needs for relocation plan and hence there are no standardized methods to devise it. It is the responsibility of the project manager and the move team to discuss and decide as how to progress. Farren, (1988) recognized that it requires a lot of pre-planning and tasks must be prioritized accordingly. These must be allocated to the prepared timetable slot and these operation controls should be recorded when the process is being taken place


We have evaluated the cost that may incur during the process. We have made a very realistic budget that takes into account the possibility of  unexpected events and hence a portion is allocated for such unforeseen occurrences. The same importance has been highlighted by Hartman (1971) who mentioned that the costs of the relocation are one of the main factors that really need to be considered.

Team Selection:

We have intended to utilize the administrative staff to contribute to the processes. The Roles have been determined based on their relevant experiences. This will save us plenty of time and costs. I as a project manager will monitor and manage the coordination of the whole relocation process and will ensure a smooth transition.

Hiring Move Consultant:

We will take services of the move consultant to execute the successful office moves. The consultant will help us to coordinate with the utility providers, packers and movers and other vendors we may need during the course of the time. Our internal staff will work in integration with the consultant to prioritize the tasks and install the equipment successfully.We have a small office and most of our employees deliver the work  remotely. This makes us our relocation less complicated and we require minimal handholding. Our staff is capable to handle most of the tasks efficiently.

Space/ Floor Planning

We have analyzed the floor plan effectively and hence our team of qualified space planners will set up the environment for enhanced productivity keeping in mind the convenience of access and use. From the arrangement of the computer equipments to the seating plan , we have thoroughly organized the space for maximum benefit.

Communication and Data Cabling:

We require an immaculate system for connectivity. The nature of our business is dependent on the voice and data communications. In collaboration with the IT team we have devised a foolproof plan for the implementing  world class communication setup solutions.

 Inventory  Management:

Our team has intelligently prepared the inventory that we require at the new premises. We have made sensible decisions to discard the items we don’t require further. This has helped us to cut down on the cost of moving those items.

The documentation has been managed with great care too. The documents have been shredded or trashed appropriately to meet  the confidentiality criteria.

Hiring a  Moving Company:

To organize and implement we have chosen the specialized moving company which is providing customized moving solutions at lowest quotes.

We have carefully examined all the aspects of relocation and feel confident that we are well prepared to explore the new dynamic environment and believe in pinning more business opportunities.


The current reports address all the major concerns and challenges of the relocation of our office facility. I have analyzed the unique set of interests as well identified our needs so we can move our company without disrupting our business operations. As a project manager I have proposed a conceptual framework  for business relocation . I have identified the risks and internal controls to  ensure a smooth transition of the whole process. The report will be carried further to collect empirical data and test the proposed theoretical model.


It is recommended to adhere to the well organized and controlled transition plan while considering all the challenges that must be presented to the situation. We have given a theoretical framework for the layout for our new office, but actual arrangements may require negligible changes. It is recommended to hire professional design and mover consultant to devise a more effective strategy for arranging a more productive work environment. Also as we are through the process of choosing a professional mover to help us shift our assets unharmed to the new premises , I recommend asking for the most competitive quotes from our local moving companies. A revise in the budget is also sought to keep a buffer for unforeseen events. The report assesses all the aspects of relocation and provides a framework of successful operations.

Future research

The report  confirms and analyze the business plan for relocation. The findings of the report can be used as a precursor for the future relocation plans. It has identified the objectives of the businesses and how the new opportunities will be grabbed to optimize the profitable returns from the business operations. The report has identified the factors that require great attention while devising the plan , yet it has left room open for further inclusions into the study. It has highlighted that there can be more unexpected  and unforeseen elements which must be considered while addressing the relocation plans. Therefore the report can be further broadened and provide a platform for the future project management plans concerning the move of business to another location. The current report is an ongoing  attempts to investigate the risk and internal factors that impact the company’s business relocation plan.

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