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Few decades ago, it was hard to find people with suitable career credentials due to lack of certain factors like communication, talent knowing and talent expression were supressed. To overcome such deficiencies, assessment centres were built. Assessment Centre is an institution where talent of an individual is tested in several different ways so that they can be directed towards the right path for their careers. The focus of the article would be on how an assessment centre for teenagers can be developed.  Analytic and descriptive view of a well know company has been counted to elaborate the concepts of assessment centres.

Purpose of Assessment Centres

There was a time, when only a few lucky students used to have their dream careers. Many others used to just skip courses in the middle and were observed running after another career direction. There was only reason that can be concluded for this slip-up which was a lack of guidance prior to starting a professional career. Therefore, quitting the course in the middle of the term was observed as a norm among the students of Europe and US. (Woodruffe, 2000)


First time assessment centres were developed during the period of 2nd Word War where people were required on urgent basis with capabilities under difficult circumstances. Starting from 1942, 1945, 1956 and so on, developed a proper assessment development and centre in recent times. Basically it’s an integrated system to give a full picture of anyone’s abilities. The situation was disturbing as the nations were getting no idea about how most of the students will work out their lives and also the evaluation of talent in youngsters was becoming impossible. Therefore, the Educationist faculty of Europe and US researched to figure out a solution and the result was the establishment of Assessment Centres for 6th formers.   (Tolly & Wood, 2011)

Need of Assessment Centre

6th form is a class of students who have their secondary level education ahead. In Europe and some parts of the US, this stage of a student’s life is now given a prime attention by the education systems as it is likely to decide their career path. Students join the 6th form of their study courses after completing the previous 5 forms of secondary education. Normally they are in the sixteen year of their lives when they join the 6th form courses.

Assessment Centres

6th forms are considered the most important terms in the educational life of a student. This stage of A-level study is divided into two stages which are called Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth. At each level, the student is examined by a number of difficult exams. This is why before he picks his subject to complete his secondary education it is important that he clearly knows his interest.

The interest and best abilities of a student is tested in different ways in these Assessment Centres so that tutors can figure out the best abilities in a student. After an effective analysis a student is advised about the career choices he has, which would match his abilities and lead him towards a fruitful career.  (Sponton & Wright, 2009)

Essential of Assessment Centres

The 6th forms assessment centre system is based on number of researches by several competent Education analysts. Each of these experts defines their own essential ways for the assessment of a student’s abilities. However, the most essential ones could be:

The in-basket exercises

This method puts forward number of random tests which a student attends. The results are later analysed by experts so that they can tell that in which study areas a student has responded the best. (Ballantyne, Povah, 2004)

Oral Presentation exercises

The oral presentation helps to discover a particular student’s confidence. A student is expected to perform better during research and during the delivery of final speech. This is only possible with subjects he is interested in. There are a number of tests each assessment centre may follow. The tests include: written exercises, group discussions, response in analysis and etc. Every activity that is carried out in the assessment centres is aimed to bring the best out of weakest student.   (Sawardekar, 2002)

Group Discussions

Group discussion is a friendly way to know a student’s perspective about different subjects and topics. For a better assessment analysis, group discussions should be regular course in the 6th forms Assessment Centre. Also a student effectively learns to mention his personal point of view about major and minor issues without being nervous in a pleasant atmosphere.  (Gerardus & Jansen & Jongh, 1997)

Psychometric Analysis

Psychometric analysis makes possible the complete assessment of a student’s personality. This research contains a number of methods that can effectively describe the student’s behavioural traits in different conditions. Not only can this but a student’s abilities on the different educational grounds also be measured through a number of tests and interviews included in this research.

Fact Finding exercises

This is the most quick and fun way to discover facts about the student’s abilities. In these exercises students are given a number of definitions or pieces of information that can be relevant to a same topic. The student is expected to pick up the best answer possible within minimum time. This exercise effectively raises the interest of student and makes him keen to learn more about the things he is interested in. These exercises are the most common ones in the aptitude tests in almost all parts of the world. A good 6th forms assessment centre can never leave out this one. (Fegley, 2007)

Written Communication Exercises

An expert gets a lot of scope of learning about the student’s abilities through written communication tests and exercises. The verbal exercises are quick way of assessment but the written exercises are no less important when it is about judging more closely a student’s abilities. In a verbal communication a student may not get a perfect chance to express his opinions while in written communication, students are often observed to pour their opinions in an enhanced form on the paper. (Gerardus & Jansen & Jongh, 1997)

Managing assessment centre

The above tips are only the helpful ways to assess the student’s abilities. However, it is totally dependent upon the team of an assessment centre that how they manage all these activities within appropriate time limits.  (Sawardekar, 2002)

Providing a better atmosphere

When students join an assessment centre there are a lot of ambiguities in his mind about his career. Hence, undoubtedly he is in the nervous state of mind. It is obvious that a student will be unable to perform well with a confused mind. This puts a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of an assessment centre as they are supposed to carry out the each assessment activity effectively.

There are certain ways that can be adopted for the relaxation. All the activities can be turned into fun activities with less effort and comfortable atmosphere.  (Edenborough, 2007)

Up-to- date methods of testing

At present, we have all the research available easily. This has given everyone, complete awareness about what’s new and what is not. A good assessment centre should always keep the aspect of new methods in his mind. Tests and exam techniques that are taken during each session should be revised all the times.

A traditional assessment centre calls for six participants or lasts from an individual to several times. As participants function by means from the simulations, they’re observed by assessors (typically three or more line managers) that are expert to observe or contemplate behaviour & awareness stages. Assessors observe several participants in each simulation and take into account notes on distinctive observation sorts. Right after participants contains completed their simulations, assessors devote one or a lot more days and nights sharing their observations and agreeing on evaluations. Uncertainly employed, examine and occupation employment interview records data are integrated in towards the selection-performing training for action. The assessors’ last assessment, contained inside of a penned report, information participants’ strengths & enhancement would like, and may possibly quite possibly consider their all-round possible for triumph inside target placement uncertainly which can be the goal with the middle.  (Fegley, 2007)

Maybe the most significant attribute aided by the assessment middle process is usually that it relates to not current placement effectiveness, but to long run achievement. By observing how a participant handles the issues and problems of the target perform or employment stage (though simulated inside of the workouts), assessors acquire a valid image for how that guy or lady would complete from your concentrate on spot. Which is in particular beneficial when assessing folks who keep work that don’t supply them and possibility to exhibit behaviour related towards the deal with posture or degree. This definitely is generally the situation with individuals who aspire to management positions but presently maintain positions that don’t give them and prospect to exhibit management-associated conduct to your vocation. (Edenborough, 2007)

Designing Assessment centre

A good deal of organisations, in the two equally the general public or private sectors, use every one of the prolonged kinds for assessment for choice good reasons to guarantee they choose the candidate who will probably be the very best suit with the corporation. Even so candidates often fall brief to accomplish themselves justice though they’re really unaware from the various types of assessment projects they might undertake. How to Achieve success at an Assessment Centre delivers ideally suited training for assessment occasions or offers expert suggestions on each of the important troubles as an example how the assessments are carried out, the perfect solution to behave in formal or informal instances at identical time though how you can put together to the unique forms from assessment. Which has a plethora of practice inquiries, options or explanations; the top method to be successful at an Assessment Centre gives important practical strategies towards the several unique assessment processes, from group workouts to panel interviews & displays. (Woodruffe, 2000)

There are number of approaches needed like:

  • Making exercise simulation design
  • Facing diversity challenges
  • Increasing candidates motivations
  • Using assessment centres to support various talent management strategies.
  • Establishing assessment centres practice in various areas with 6th former levels

One of the most demanded strategies in assessment centre is the interplay of science and practice. According to this theme, top quality assessment centres are created using. The use of assessment and development centres which are linked to corporate strategy and in particular talent management. These corporate strategies will often relate to issues or topics such as: (Sawardekar, 2002)

  • Globalization
  • Innovation (products and markets)
  • Increased competitions ( for market share, the war for talent and so forth)
  • Identifying leaders who are visionary, inspirational and entrepreneurial
  • Customer service (greater focus on service or knowledge-based economies) and so forth
  • It focuses on how these strategies influence the design of the assessment centre in terms of the competencies, exercises and nature of the event, so that they can deliver what is required.
  • Some of the questions that the contributors were asked to address included:
  • What was impetus for your development of assessment centre?
  • What organizational problems were you trying to address?
  • What opportunities were you trying to capitalize on?
  • What business challenge was the assessment centre designed to meet?
  • What top level executives or boards were involved in deciding to use the assessment centre and shape its direction and scope?
  • How did you get their support for this admittedly compels and costly human resource practice?
  • What other Human Resource practices were you assessment centre linked with?
  • How does your assessment centre impact other human resource interventions?
  • What follow-up human resource activities were needed for your assessment centre to be successful?

Need of talent hunt

Talent Hunt is a complicated function for any big or small organization. For organizations with bigger scope it becomes even more difficult to successfully form a talented team. Talent needs for Oracle will be highlighted in this presentation. Having the right talent within the organizational boundaries is a big time luck for any organization. For multinationals it becomes even a bigger challenge to pool all the expertise that is required to achieve their future plans. (Silzer & Dowell, 2009)

Oracle is a multinational organization having its origin in America but its organizational roots in all over the world. Oracle mainly deals with computer technology and in the IT industry the only thing that is a norm is change. This makes it difficult for every business and developer to survive in the industry without a team that is built strongly. Oracle is the third largest revenue earner in the Software industry; therefore any individual can understand the dire need of Oracle for the people with strong personal and organizational goals. (Tolly & Wood, 2011)

For the talent hunt, Oracle has several different parameters to judge the ability of its employees. If an assessment centre for hiring purposes is to be developed for this multinational organization there will be following activities helpful for this organization to achieve its talent hunt goals:

Analysis of basic talent required

Once the company will know the correct definition of the job, the next step would be to find an individual who can perform in the most appropriate manner. This analysis would focus on the definition of an ideal employee for the particular job. The company can only judge an employee, if they will properly know what they are looking in their to-be team member.

Market Research

For an organization it is important to find the best they can have for the lowest outflow. A market research department would be an essential factor in the oracle’s job assessment centre. This department should be able to judge the abilities of an individual in particular cases and also the benefits and cost of having him in the team.  (Shukla, 2009)

Decision making capabilities of individuals

An assessment team of Oracle should be expert in determining the employee’s decision making abilities. Due to the innovative environment of IT industry and complex organizational structure of Oracle it is important for team members of the software company to speculate the profitable decisions and also put them into effect on urgent basis.  (Sawardekar, 2002)

Tracking Process

Once an employee has passed all the critical exams for qualifying for the job in Oracle, a regular analysis of these employees should become the responsibility of the assessment department of the company.

Also with the regular examination of an employee’s performance it is important for such a big company to introduce ways to keep the employees interested in the job. Each employee’s mind trends should also be in the consideration of an effective assessment department in Oracle. (Fegley, 2007)


After making a deep analysis, it is obvious to observe that assessment centres are far more important for both, businesses and proper talent utilizations. We have noticed, a company always look forward for talented person where they don’t have to put lot of efforts in their training and the reward from such personnel’s are huge. It is also into observation that almost all the assessment centres require a deep and insight evaluation for their better performance and for best outcomes. It is recommended to establish assessment centres for assessing 6th formers, where they are seeking knowledge for their future to work with proficiency utilizing their talent.