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Online purchase decisions making for clients in Kuwait using electronic informal communication

Abstract Web based systems administration adjusts the strategy for sharing information and passing on. The electronic informal communication frameworks give purchasers differing on the web practices besides help relationship to talk with their customers. Internet organizing grants clients with access to information that they require about items and undertakings. Twitter and Facebook tend to be […]

HR Consultants Contributing to Improvement in Organizational Performance and Growth

Introduction In the modern time, organizations are facing increased competitive pressures both domestically and internationally (Clark, 1998). Moreover, with the advent of globalization there have been changes in the mere way businesses operate. There have been several changes in the past few years in terms of technology, politics, economy and social behaviors (Abdullah et. al., […]

Shandong Chinese textile industries (Case study)

In the modern era, China’s influence in the world economy was minimal until the late 1980s. At that time, economic reforms begun after 1978 began to generate significant and steady growth in investment, consumption and standards of living. China now participates extensively in the world market and private sector companies play a major role in […]

Dissertation topic selection

Topic selection for writing a dissertation is probably the most critical milestone throughout the research process. The topic of your dissertation or any other academic report charts down the direction and scope of the research. Too narrowly selected topic may end up in a shallow piece of research whereas too broad topic may result in […]

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) of Halifax Bank

Chapter 1: Introduction and Background Service industries become more and more crucial in every aspects of business form the last two decades. According to McDonald and Leopard (1990) multiplication of the service industries have been observed in many countries. The extents of service industries become evident on national economy (Baker, 2003).  Service industries are expected […]