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Effectiveness of training programs in achieving customers and their satisfactions in Malaysian Airlines

Executive Summary Training is the significant part of the modern organization and has become the vital part of the working process within the organizations. With the changes in the technology and their advancement, the organization of the training programs has become vital part for every enterprise in the airline industry, in order to remain competitive […]

Secondary Airport for South East Of Queensland

SELECTION ONE: Introduction Purpose of project The purpose of this report is to the selection of location and characteristics of a secondary airport for the South East of Queensland, Australia. Actually, Brisbane Airport is approaching capacity and is becoming crowded. Also the surrounding land type is acting as a major barrier for the expansion of […]

E-Marketing and E-Commerce In Tourism

Introduction Inside the tourism business tourism destination is a critical and important component of the tourism system where most of importance and dynamic elements of tourism occur (Cooper, 2008). Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) plays a significant part in the tourism expansion and marketing of the area. Subsequently in the late 19th century and for maximum […]

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How to conduct research for effective Essay & Report writing

Conducting Research in Essay Writing When you do research work in writing essays, you can do different techniques to achieve the satisfactory results. The first important point in conducting research work is based on the selection of your essay topic or formation of hypothesis for your selected research work. After you have made the selection […]

How to do coursework writing

In coursework writing, students are given with academic assignments which are contributed in achieving best grades for a student. The students need to develop them according to the coursework requirements, and they can vary in structure and content according to the requirements of the research type. The most famous coursework writing includes essay or report […]